By: Guillermo Salazar • 26 January 2024

Labour tank is empty: How Technology is Revolutionizing Labor Dependency in Home Construction

Welcome to our latest deep dive into the world of construction – a sector as dynamic as it is demanding. Labor issues are a topic that's at the heart of every project but often remains in the shadows. From skilled labor shortages, trade management to the complexities of workforce management, these challenges are more than mere bumps in the road; they're critical hurdles that can define the success or failure of any New home build. While AI will never frame a house, (not yet!). The industry is ready for tech to solve the most painful issues that often complicate a happy outcome. Here is an exploration on how software and digital tools are slashing labor costs and boosting efficiency in the construction and selling process. (A few plugs for Iris nested below--but goal is to be as neutral as practical!)1. High-Tech Selling
  • Automated Marketing with Hubspot: Imagine a world where your marketing runs itself. HubSpot automates lead generation and follow-ups, giving you more time to focus on big-picture strategies.
  • Virtual Showcases with Matterport: Embrace the power of virtual reality! Matterport allows stunning 3D virtual tours, reducing the need for on-site staffing and impressing buyers from the comfort of their homes.
2. Digital Planning Perfection
  • Design Mastery with Onshape or Sketchup: Both of these options are is a game-changers for creating detailed, efficient design plans quickly, minimizing the need for time-consuming manual drafting.
  • Streamlined Approvals with PlanGrid: PlanGrid helps standardize and share construction documents and designs easily, speeding up the approval process with authorities.
3. Smart Building Solutions
  • Prefabrication Efficiency with BoxModular: Boxx takes modular construction to the next level, offering tech-driven solutions that streamline the building process and cut down on manual labor.
  • Optimal Scheduling with Fieldwire: Fieldwire's construction management software enables precise scheduling, ensuring workers and resources are perfectly aligned for maximum efficiency.
4. Innovative Inspection Methods
  • Drone Inspections with DJI: DJI drones revolutionize site inspections, providing aerial views and detailed analysis, drastically reducing manual inspection hours.
  • Quality Control with Quickbase: Quickbase streamlines your quality control process, offering real-time updates and centralized communication to minimize repetitive tasks.
5. Finishing with Flair
  • Efficient Task Management with Trello: Organize your finishing tasks like a pro. Trello’s visual boards ensure that every painting, flooring, and detailing job is tracked and completed on time.
  • Remote Walkthroughs with IrisCX: Offer live virtual walkthroughs using IrisCX. We make it very easy to provide standardized & personalized tours without the physical presence of agents or builders. (You could also try Zoom--but....we know that is a bigger headache than it might solve!).
6. Closing with a Digital Edge
  • Paperless Transactions with DocuSign: Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork. DocuSign’s e-signing capabilities make closing deals quick, secure, and hassle-free.
  • Efficient Meeting Scheduling with Calendly: Calendly helps you schedule closing meetings efficiently, avoiding the back-and-forth emails and saving precious time (ps. Iris solves this as well in our remote solution)..
7. Post-Close Digital Support
  • Customer Service VisualBots with IrisCX: Implement IrisCX for handling routine post-sale queries. This is where Iris differentiates; VisualBots can collect Visual & Voice data along with guides. These bots are the 24/7 support team you always wished for.
  • Remote Visual Assistance with IrisCX: "Getting there is half the battle", so stop going there, IrisRemote can help you solve blocks of issues and you never need to leave your desk. (More on our WF solution in a different post!).
  • Feedback Made Easy with IrisCX: Use IrisCX to gather client feedback instantly, effortlessly, & all along the customer journey; so you can connect the dots on the event & the impact, helping you continuously improve with valuable insights.
Conclusion: There you have it – an ala carte menu to embracing technology in your home building and selling journey. By integrating these innovative tools into your workflow, you can reduce your dependancy on labour; and have happier customers through a modern approach to construction. The future of building is here, and it’s digital!Call to Action: The labour problem is not solving itself, but it will be solved. Will you make it happen or have it happen to you?Where are you feeling the pinch points, what is easiest to change? How have you incorporated technology into your building projects? What worked last time? What was hard to deliver?Its Go Time. What's your move?

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