Are Your Warranty Requests Stacking Up?

Documenting and triaging post-possession home warranty issues costs on average upwards of $800,000 per year, and 50% of your staff productivity. IrisCX provides an AI Enabled Warranty Service Platform that will streamline warranty service requests, improve customer experience. Learn more below.

Home Builders have $730M in Warranty Requests and 40% of warranty issues are stuck

You're likely facing a challenging backlog, with industry trends showing that it takes up to two days for nearly 40% of warranty issues to even begin being addressed, potentially impacting your customer relationships and your brand's reputation​​.

Revamp Your Warranty Management and Customer Care

Navigating the complexities of post-possession defects, such as structural and electrical issues, adds to the urgency​​. With the financial implications becoming more pronounced — evidenced by substantial warranty accruals per home sold — it's clear that a strategic reassessment of your warranty management approach is essential in meeting these escalating demands effectively​​.

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Customer Service

Biggest decisions to own a home are behind them.

Ensure your homeowners are never left in the dark, especially during the critical initial phase of home ownership, a time when many are navigating the complexities of owning and settling into their first home.

In the realm of home ownership, the period following possession is critical, often marked by the need for effective and prompt customer service. Virtual customer service, particularly through user-friendly, no-installation-required platforms like IrisCX, plays a pivotal role in enhancing this experience. The use of face-to-face video technology in post-possession service provides homeowners with immediate, personalized support. This method significantly streamlines the process of resolving issues, offering a level of engagement and clarity that traditional phone calls or emails cannot match. Homeowners can easily show service representatives the exact nature of their concerns, leading to quicker diagnostics and solutions.

A better experience. For both your customer and you.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a more customer centric experience. With IrisCX, brands can finally deliver the interactions customers want, at scale—a fundamental shift in customer engagement, how you sell, and how you provide support.

Embrace Technology and Self-Service

Reduce Costs($) with AI & Automation

In response to these challenges, the solution lies in embracing technology solutions. Given the labour shortage, automation and AI become not just valuable but essential tools for maintaining efficiency and managing workloads. In the housing industry, integrating self-service options is not only about enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction but also about streamlining the logistics of scheduling personnel, trucks, and contractors. Communication with customers alone accounts for a significant portion of the workflow—up to 30% of the time. By adopting AI and automation, businesses can reclaim this time, focusing on core activities that matter most. This strategic shift towards efficient self-service systems offers a way to streamline operations, reduce overheads associated with manual scheduling and communication, and redirect resources to more critical areas of the business. This approach doesn't just meet current industry demands; it also aligns with the evolving consumer preference for self-service, positioning companies at the forefront of addressing housing market challenges efficiently.

Support 24/7

Your customers will thank you for thinking of them first.

IrisCX offers an innovative and comprehensive support solution that revolutionizes how customers report and resolve issues. With IrisCX, the cumbersome process of filling out extensive forms is a thing of the past. Instead, customers can submit their issues along with necessary videos and documentation effortlessly. At the heart of this seamless experience is the IrisCX VisualBot. This advanced tool intelligently guides customers through the defect capture process, collating all relevant information effortlessly. This not only streamlines the submission process but also prepares the information in a ready-to-review format for your staff, saving valuable time and resources. Furthermore, IrisCX empowers customers to resolve certain problems independently through on-screen visual guides. This self-service feature significantly reduces the need for back-and-forth communication, making the problem-solving process more efficient and user-friendly. Say goodbye to endless input forms and complicated submissions. With IrisCX, a single click is all it takes to initiate the support process. Experience the efficiency and simplicity of IrisCX yourself by trying out our demo. Discover how it can transform your customer support experience and streamline your operations.

IrisCX is a comprehensive Remote Visual Assistance solution for home builders' customer support and warranty processes. it's a cost-saving powerhouse. By integrating this solution into existing customer service teams, companies can save at least $20 per hour per employee each week. This significant reduction in operational costs is achieved through effective technology and automation. IrisCX simplifies issue identification and resolution with its automated defect capture, making it an easy-to-implement, cost-effective alternative to complex and expensive traditional contact center systems, perfectly tailored for the evolving needs of the home building industry.

Reduce Workload Backlog

Implementing virtual consultations in post-possession home warranty management significantly reduces the resources required to manage and triage workload intake. This approach streamlines the process of addressing homeowner concerns and warranty issues. For home builders, this means a more efficient allocation of service personnel and resources. By handling initial assessments and minor issues remotely, builders can prioritize more critical on-site visits, ensuring quality attention where it's most needed. This not only enhances service quality but also substantially lowers the costs associated with post-possession warranty programs, including travel expenses and time spent on less urgent cases.

Foster Meaningful Customer Relationships

Utilizing video interactions in post-possession warranty services enhances the quality of customer engagements. For home builders, this means building stronger relationships with homeowners. The ability to visually assess and address any issues or concerns remotely adds a layer of convenience and reliability to the service, increasing the perceived value of the homeowner-builder relationship.

Streamline Service Workflow

Implementing an automated system for scheduling and follow-up in home warranty services alleviates the burden on service experts. For home builders, this means more efficient resource management and quicker response times. Automating these aspects ensures that homeowner queries are promptly addressed, improving overall service quality and reducing the time and cost associated with manual coordination.

Leverage Data for Strategic Insights

By adopting virtual customer service tools, home builders can gather valuable data on homeowner preferences and behaviour during the warranty period. This insight allows for rapid iteration and improvement of the customer journey. Understanding how homeowners interact with warranty services and what issues are most commonly reported provides builders with the knowledge to refine their construction practices, enhance warranty offerings, and ultimately deliver a better overall product and service.
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One-Tap Connect

Customers can easily initiate a service request with just one tap. This can be done through an existing landing page or via an API, providing instant connection to the service system. This feature ensures a hassle-free start to the customer's journey, eliminating the need for navigating through multiple steps.

Interaction with VisualBot and VisualGuide

The innovative VisualBot and VisualGuide eliminate the need for typing detailed descriptions. Customers can simply point, click, and verbally describe their issue. IrisAI then takes this information and compiles a comprehensive defect summary. This approach not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of the defect reporting.

Automated Delivery of Defect Summaries

Once the defect summary is created, it is automatically delivered to your service inbox. This automation can be achieved through various means such as Zapier, webhooks, or built-in automation programs. The flexibility of this system ensures that it can be integrated into various existing communication channels, including MS Teams, Zendesk, email, or other platforms of your choice.
IrisCX has allowed us to improve our warranty support process and enhance our focus on the importance of human interaction. Previously, arranging for site visits would be our biggest slow down when addressing our homeowner’s concerns, but with IrisCX, we can instantly connect with our homeowners and meet face to face in the home to evaluate their items within minutes of discovery through an IrisCX session. By providing personalized visual support, we are achieving higher customer satisfaction rates and reducing homeowner frustrations because we can see what our customers see and connect to their experiences on a greater level. The customer success team at IrisCX has been responsive, enthusiastic, and integral in molding this tool into an invaluable resource that makes our goals of enjoyable customer support much easier to achieve. It’s a game changer!Matt Cleary - Customer Relations & Warranty Specialist, Cedarglen Homes

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Provide support 24/7.

Provide guided support around the clock so your customers can get the help they need, when they need it.

Reduce customer frustration.

Proactive guidance in resolving post-possession issues can significantly ease the stress homeowners often face with new home adjustments, benefiting home builders by enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing follow-up queries.

Let our AI do the prep work.

Our AI will filter the query for you, providing your customer with the right guide for their issue.

Clear your backlogs.

IrisCX efficiently categorizes issues by type and category, automatically recommending resolutions for easy handoff to subcontractors, internal teams, and for follow-ups.
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Incorporating Remote Visual Assistance into home warranty services enables swift and efficient resolution of homeowner issues. This technology permits teams to provide real-time, interactive consultations and diagnose problems remotely, negating the need for immediate in-person visits. Such an approach not only saves significant costs on truck rolls and overhead expenses but also enhances customer satisfaction through prompt and effective solutions. Leveraging this method reduces the likelihood of unresolved warranty claims and ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience for customers, all while maintaining control over operational costs.

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