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By: Guillermo Salazar • 22 January 2024

Homebuilding at a point of disruption

The housing market today is in a peculiar spot, much like the auto industry was before the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. We're seeing a widening gap between home prices and incomes, a challenge that's begging for a tech-driven shake-up. The auto industry's leap into EVs and sustainable practices offers a roadmap for the housing sector. This shift wasn't just about new products; it was a whole new way of thinking, something the housing market could learn from.

For home builders, this is the time to think out of the box. No doubt there is a ton of external issues that are hard to control ie: interest rates, financing rates, labour, supply chain, etc. But we'd putting our head in the sand if we didn't look at the internal processes. Embracing advanced construction technologies, like modular building or 3D printing, (virtual customer experience!) can cut costs and speed up the process. And let's not forget the demand for affordable homes. There's a huge market waiting for builders who can bring down prices without compromising quality. ie: tackle the apollo 13 round peg, square filter problem.

Sustainability is another lesson from the auto industry. Just as EVs appealed to the environmentally conscious, eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient designs could be the unique selling points for new homes. Plus, it's not just good for the planet; it's good business.

The digital revolution in the auto industry, with online sales and virtual showrooms, transformed the consumer experience. The housing industry could use a dose of this digital innovation. Imagine streamlining the home-buying, home building & home ownership experience with digital platforms, making it more accessible and less of a headache.

Market dynamics are always in flux, so keeping a finger on the pulse is crucial. Builders need to be agile, ready to adapt to changing market conditions, focusing on regions/products with high demand but low supply. Ok, everything is in low supply, you would be shocked at the regional & produce supply / demand gaps.

Innovative financing options could be a game-changer too. Just as car financing evolved, so could financing for homes. Partnering with fintech companies could open doors to more people becoming homeowners, making the dream more attainable. No reason why we don't see a GMAC version of a home builder bank in the next few years.

The housing market is at a crossroads, much like the auto industry was before it embraced EVs. It's time for bold moves and innovative thinking.

Our mission is to simplify and automate transparent interactions for homeowners & home builders. Let Iris do the work.

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