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IrisCX Ai Warranty platform simplifies warranty management by eliminating costly touchpoints during warranty experience.

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Are you a fast growing home builder?

Are you forecasting more closings this year?

Are your homes more complex than ever?

Is it hard to manage supplier relationships?

Are you people overworked?

Is it hard to find more people?

Are your customers happy?

Are you spending time educating your customers on home ownership, and maintenance?
IrisCX has allowed us to improve our warranty support process and enhance our focus on the importance of human interaction. Previously, arranging for site visits would be our biggest slow down when addressing our homeowner’s concerns. By providing personalized visual support, we are achieving higher customer satisfaction rates and reducing homeowner frustrations because we can see what our customers see and connect to their experiences on a greater level. It’s a game changer!Matt Cleary - Customer Relations & Warranty Specialist, Cedarglen Homes

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Discover the Benefits of AI Warranty Technology.

Your current truck roll solution wastes 4% of your PROFIT every year.

You frustrate your customers by playing phone tag, trying to reach them 15 times per service order.

Your team is working extra hours to get it right, and spending 70% of their time in ADMIN data management.

Your suppliers are not calling you back, and you miss warranty fix SLAs.

Reduce trip cost & get detailed defects data captured the first time.

Reduce all customer touchpoints to 1.

Unified warranty management portal for your customers, your team, and your suppliers.

Reduce turnaround time on service work orders and guesswork on warrantable vs non-warrantable defects using AI.

Ai Warranty Channel - 24/7

Complete CX & Ai Warranty Solution for Home Industry.

IrisCX revolutionizes customer support with an innovative solution that streamlines how issues are reported and resolved. Gone are the days of cumbersome forms; customers can now effortlessly submit issues with necessary videos and documentation through the IrisCX Self-Guided experience using Voice & Visual methods. This approach not only guides users in capturing defects but also prepares the information in a format ready for staff review, saving time and resources.

WARRANTY management with Ai & 24/7 visual support channel.

Accurately capture defect context the first time and eliminate chargebacks! Explore how by downloading our buyer's guide now!

Ai + Automation = LESS WORK

AI and automation streamline operations by automatically scoring every submission for warrantable vs not against the Quality Performance guide mandated by state or province, reducing workload and enabling the deployment of more junior staff effectively.


Using IrisCX, your staff can quickly collate accepted warranty defects into a PDF or share a secure link containing all visuals and details, enabling trades to instantly access the information they need, thus saving unnecessary trips, with all data securely stored in a dedicated cloud workspace.

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